Why Select Quartz for Your Kitchen Island?

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Why Select Quartz for Your Kitchen Island?

Most homeowners are going for kitchen islands during the kitchen renovation project. A kitchen island can be a functional addition to the kitchen space. You must select a kitchen island style that perfectly meets the overall space design.

When it comes to selecting a surface for the island countertop, you will not regret the decision to select quartz tiles. Quartz countertops look extremely attractive and are more practical as compared to others. Here we will list the reasons why quartz countertop can be perfect for your kitchen island.

1. Non-porous Material

Most natural stones are porous to some extent. They absorb liquid that can lead to deterioration of the tiles. This is not the case with engineered quartz. As a result, quartz countertops will be easy to maintain retaining their shiny appearance for decades.

2. Durable Quality

The best thing about quartz countertops is that they are incredibly durable. They are engineered to resist stains and corrosion due to liquid spills. With proper care and maintenance, the countertops can last a lifetime.

3. Easy to Maintain and Care

Quartz countertops are easier to maintain as compared to other stones. Since they are not porous, they don't require regular sealing. Also, you don't have to worry about spills as they won't corrode the surface. However, you should avoid exposing the surface to high heat and direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

4. Wide Color Choices

Quartz countertops are available in a wide variety of color choices. You will have greater choices as compared to granite or marble countertops. You can select a quartz countertop that perfectly syncs with your interior home decor. The wide color choices have made quartz the material of choice for home improvement projects.


After reading about the benefits of quartz countertops, you may have an easier time making thedecision for your kitchen island. Quartz is more durable as compared to either granite or marble. The hard quartz surface won't crack or chip easily. Moreover, the surface is non-porous due to which it resists stains much better as compared to most other surfaces. You won't have to worry about tomato, juice, coffee, or other liquids from staining the surface. The surface will look clean and shiny without much care and maintenance.

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