Why Natural Stone Trumps Artificial Stone?

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Why Natural Stones Trumps Artificial Stones?

During a home improvement project, most homeowners get confused when deciding between artificial and natural stones. The type of stone you choose for the kitchen flooring or the bathroom flooring during a home renovation will make a huge difference. The fact is that artificial stones are not the same as natural stones. Here we will explain why it's better that you install natural stones as opposed to artificial stones.

Why are Natural Stones Better than Artificial Stones?

Natural stones including marble and granite have long been the preferred type of flooring for most homeowners. People choose natural stones due to their warmth and the authentic look. While the natural stones tend to cost more, the appeal, the texture, and the look of a natural stone material makes it preferable over artificial stones.


Natural stones last for a long time. They are rugged and can withstand great pressure. If properly maintained, natural stones tend to last for decades. In fact, they can last for the lifetime of the house. Once you install a natural stone, you will probably not have to replace it in your lifetime.

Homeowners can pick a natural stone based on the foot traffic. For high traffic areas, marble and granite natural stones are the best. They are highly rugged and last for a long time with minimal care and maintenance.


Natural stones appear more luxurious and appealing as compared to artificial stones. The fact is that manufactured stones can't compete with natural stone when it comes to visual appeal. Natural stones look much more glossy and polished. Moreover, there are a greater variety of color and design options for natural stones. You can select a natural stone that creates a striking contrast in the room.

In addition, artificial stones are not colored all the way through. If the stone is drilled during installation, the interior may show through. This is not the case with natural stone. As a result, natural stones are preferred over artificial stones.


Natural stones are easy to care and maintain. When sealed properly, natural stones can't be easily damaged. They can easily be cleaned using mild soap solution. This makes natural stones preferable to artificial stones.

Variety of Options

Natural stones are available in a wide variety of designs. You will have a greater option when it comes to natural stones as compared to artificial stones. This gives you greater flexibility when it comes to selecting the best natural stone for the house.

The fact of the matter is that natural stones are better for bathroom and kitchen flooring. You will find that natural stones have a unique appeal that makes them preferable to artificial stone. While the cost of natural stones is higher, the investment is worth it in the end.

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