Tips to Care for Natural Stone Tiles

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Tips to Care for Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone can imbue a home with beauty and charm. Investment in natural stone tiles will be worth it as it will give many years of visual appeal. With minimum maintenance and care, the natural stone will continue to look lovely and alluring. Here are some important tips to retain the natural beauty of the stone, and make it last for a long time.

1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of natural stone tiles is important to prevent dirt and dust from settling onto the stone. If not cleaned from the surface, dirt and dust can ruin the look and reduce the durability of the stone. Cleaning the stone is not that hard. You should use a non-acidic cleaning product that is made specifically for natural stones. Avoid using common household cleaning products that contain acids or ammonia as they can do permanent damage to the surface of the stone.

2. Use Bleach to Remove Mildew

Mildew can sometimes develop on the natural stone installed near moist areas like the bathroom or the kitchen. Fortunately, you can easily remove the mildew from the stone. Simply spray a solution containing one part bleach and one part water. Let the solution sit on the stone for about half an hour, and then rinse with water.

3. Clean any Spills Immediately

You should not leave spills on the natural stone tiles for long. Make sure that you immediately clean spills particularly lemonade, orange juice, grape juice, tomato sauce, after shave lotion, vinegar, and yogurt. Wipe the spills using a sponge right away to avoid any damage to the stone.

4. Sealing of the Natural Stone

Make sure that the natural stone is properly sealed. Consider re-sealing the stone after every four to five years. This is required to prevent any damage to the tile. Moreover, it's important that the wall and flooring are caulked to prevent moisture from getting into the subfloor.

Natural stone tiles are the perfect choice for kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring. They are the ideal tiles for home improvement and home renovation projects. You can find different tile designs that can suit your purpose.

If the natural stone tiles are given proper care and maintenance, they can maintain their beauty and durability. To find out more information on the best natural stone tiles for your home, you can contact Whole

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