Tips For Installing a Marble Threshold Properly

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Tips For Installing a Marble Threshold Properly

The sight of a marble threshold is an excellent choice for every doorway as it will give you house a befitting royal outlook. A marble threshold is known to be resilient than a normal threshold made of wood. Having a marble thresholds shows that you have a penchant for exquisiteness as marble threshold is more refined. As you are aware, the use of marble as a material is quite distinct from the utilisation of other resources such as wood. In this piece, you will get relevant guidelines of how to mount a marble threshold in your private abode;


The price of marble is pricey. All efforts should be put in place to measure it correctly avoid waste of resources. The first step of getting the right measurement is by putting the marble meant for the threshold sideways by the doorway at the exact point you intend mounting it. This is necessary as it will ensure the cut marble is the needed part for your threshold. Once this is done, you can make use of a pencil to mark the points where the doorway aligns with the threshold. It is important to do this as the perfect size you are bringing in, must be flawless and must not give way to air. Take note that majority of these marble thresholds are available in several sizes of 2- and 4-inches width and a length of 30-36 inches. If your desired design is quite different from the sizes above, you must be discreet in the cutting of your marble. This will help you not to damage it.

N.B: Pay attention to details when it comes to measurements.

Cutting Tips

You will need a tile wet saw to cut a piece of marble for the threshold. Ensure there is available water that is enough in the holder of the tool meant for cutting of marble before you switch on the saw. Arrange your marble threshold piece delicately and ensure your blade forms an alliance with the measured mark. You are at this moment advised not to put much pressure on the exercise while cutting the marble. Place the blade in the right place, move at a steady pace and cut carefully.

Note that the marble will be drenched in water after being cut, ensure it is dry before installation to your entrance.

Final Installation Tips

The surface of your doorway plays a prominent role here. Various techniques will be employed to install your threshold after cutting. Make use of thinset if the surface is a concrete surface. If the surface is made of wood, put some baker board at the entrance to serve as leverage for the marble.

Important Safety Guidelines

Safety is a crucial part of home repair undertakings. Installation of marble threshold requires you working with sharp tools and equipment. Ensure you wear quality eye protection gears such as safety gloves and protect your hands with heavy work gloves.

Cost of Marble and Installation

Marble thresholds sizes are within the range of 30-36 inches in length with an estimated value of $20-50 each. The cost of caulks is also calculated to be within the range of $28. This is the total sum of your installation expenses.

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