Stone and Glass Caddy Corner Shelves

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Whole tile do have a collection of distinct and quality corner shelf made of different, unique and materials of diverse colors. This collection of shelves are Marble, Granite, Travertine, Glass, Beige, Black, Brown, Green, Ivory, Crema marfil, Carrara, White, Honed, Polished, Stone, Bathroom accessories.

We would also love to elaborate more explicitly on each variety of corner shelves which our jurisdiction and capability entails.

Glass corner shelf : - The glass corner shelf feature is a modern design and is made of glass material. It is simply stylish and suitable for any room, kitchen, bathroom, kid room e.t.c. it involves suitable management in other items and adds great beauty and elegance.

Granite corner shelf: - Can be used to hold bar soaps, shampoo bottle, Liquid soap bottles razors, and other bathroom and shower essentials. It features shelf made from granite, beautifully designed from real stone and suitable for bathroom shower and for tub, kitchen e.t.c.

Ivory corner shelf: - This has a creamy white color smooth texture and having a fine marbled pitch. A perfect idea for a bathroom shower, kitchen and room settings. It adds an alluring wall pattern and manages extra items

Travertine corner shelf : - Premium travertine corner shelf made from concretionary limestone or calcite has a smooth and flawless surface, suitable for use in bathrooms for storage of items. It adds beauty and classic designs when mounted.

Beige corner shelf :- has a slightly yellowish gray color as that of unbleached wool, can be mounted for showers and tubs with nice art work and more decorative, items inscription on it. It can also be used for cabinets, it is stylish and attractive.

Black corner shelf : - enhances your home decoration with its attractive black color of corner shelf, can be mounted on the wall to provide a net look.

Crema Marfil corner shelf : - Bathroom corner shelf crema marfil adds an accent or furnishing piece for your bath or shower. It is recommended for walls, hand selected exclusively for your floor and decoration brand.

Carrara corner shelf : - The corner shelf is made from the beautiful white carrara marble which has defined veins of grey throughout. It is ideal for holding soap bars, shampoo and conditioner.

Honed corner shelf : - Honed corner shelf includes a combination of refined marble and design elements ranging from traditional to contemporary decoration. The surface has a finely honed finish which brings out the inherent beauty of the stone. It suites various choices for floors, walls counters and backsplashes.

Polished : - Has a fine finished and polished surface with multiple shape, sizes and patterns. The luxury you desire can be yours if you are inspired by the swirling fawns and creams of a forgotten era. It allows you to create a royal decoration on floors, wall or countertops.

Stone : - stone bathroom caddy bath soap dish sealed with natural stone sealer, water and stain resistant. Antiqued honed and filled surface eased honed edge for soft touch. It suites the use in bathroom and adds classy beauty.

These corner shelves are simple stylish design yet functional and suitable for any room, it is interesting to let you know that they have a great storage unit for bathroom corner shelf, closet, home, office, living room, kids room, kitchen, shower corner e.t.c made of marble corner shelves and provide suitable managements in other items managements.

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Judy Wilde November 28, 2016 1:09 PM

Great! This is another informative piece. I like the way you detailed the almost endless uses of these collection of shelves. I have seen some of these collection of shelves, they have a lot of variety, and they are extremely beautiful. Thumbs up for this piece.

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Justina Robson November 29, 2016 10:01 PM

I love shelving in showers and bathrooms, you always need somewhere to put toiletries within an easy reach from the shower or bath. Corner shelves are a must, and the marble looks so nice and is super sturdy compared to plastic mounted shelving. I would pick ivory to match my bathrooms best.

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