Medallion Tiles - Accent a Room with an Attractive Centerpiece

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Medallion Tiles - Accent a Room with an Attractive Centerpiece

A medallion tile is a must-have for any living room. Installing a medallion tile can greatly transform the existing space. The tile serves as an attractive centerpiece that adds a strong design element to the wall or floor tile.

You can create a strong visual statement and enhances the overall look of the space with a medallion tile. Here you will learn about different types of medallion tiles that can spruce up the style of your living room.

1. Oval Medallions

Oval medallions are classic tiles that look great in the office, home, and hotel interior spaces. These beautiful tiles look like an artistic masterpiece. The decorative tiles can blend in with the rest of the tiles without looking apart. You can buy oval tiles of different colors that can perfectly complement any interior decor.

2. Square Medallion

Square medallion tiles can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece for the living room that your guests can admire. The tile features contemporary and traditional motif that looks stunning. The durable and sleek tiles offer great value for money in the form of increased appeal as well as longevity.

3. Rectangle Medallion

Rectangle medallion tiles are great for living room wall tiles. These deco tiles can add a great focal point enhancing the overall look of wall. Apart from living room walls, these tiles can also serve as a great backsplash solution in the kitchen and bathroom renovation project. You can install the rectangle medallion above the counters or stove to protect the walls from damage due to steams and grease.

4. Star Medallions

You can also order a star medallion tiles for your living room. The classic star design medallion looks gorgeous in any room. The tiles are available in different colors including very light to dark shades.These tiles serve a great decorative tile for both home and offices.

Medallion tiles are great for the living rooms. The tiles can add additional appeal and elegance to a room. These tiles are particularly suitable for high-scale residences. Buying the tiles can be a great investment that will provide lasting visual appeal.

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