Marble vs. Granite: Which Natural Stone is Better for the Home?

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Marble vs. Granite: Which Natural Stone is better for the Home?

A natural stone can greatly increase the look and the appeal of the house. It can give a distinguishing character to the home. Homeowners have two options when it comes to natural stones: marble and granite. Both the natural stone provide long-lasting beauty and charm to the home.

However, you should note that marble and granite have different characteristics. Knowing about the differences will help in making an informed decision during a home renovation project.


Marble and granite are both durable materials. Marble is highly resistant to damage. It won't chip or crack easily. Similarly, granite is also strong and rugged. Spills can be wiped away easily. Scratches can also be easily repaired in both marble and granite. Minor scratches can be filled easily using a color-matching resin. You can also buy color matching epoxy from the hardware store. However, larger scratches require professional help.


Both marble and granite tiles are resistant to stains. Superficial stains can easily be cleaned using a stain remover bought from a local hardware store. However, deep stains can leave a lasting impression. Therefore, it's important that all spills are wiped away immediately.


The appearance of marble tiles is very much different from that of granite. Marble tiles are generally cream or grayish in color with dark veins running through. However, there are other varieties including a pink base or pale green color. The lines in the marble look particularly attractive that are formed due to the presence of iron oxides or silt.

Granite, on the other hand, has the distinguishing feature of speckled colors. The colors result from the melded stone such as feldspar, quartz, mica, and others. They are available in different tones and shades.

After reading the above, you will now know that there is not much difference between marble and granite surfaces. Both have somewhat similar characteristics. However, marble tiles have a slight edge as most people consider that they look more appealing as compared to granite tiles. For this reason, marble tiles are a better choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring and countertops.

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