How to Select the Perfect Tile for a Steam Shower?

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How to Select the Perfect Tile for a Steam Shower?

Steam shower provides a spa-like an experience at home. They add to the comfort and appeal of a home. Moreover, installing the steam shower increase the property value of the home as well. One important thing you should remember is that wisps of steam are more invasive as compared to water.

So, an important consideration when building a steam shower is to select the right type of tile for the walls, floors, and ceilings. Here are three important considerations that you should take to select the perfect tile for the steam shower area.

1. Tiles with Traction

Steam shower area can be slippery. That's why you should select tiles that offer traction. The tiles that you buy for the walls may not be the best for the floors. This is the case if the wall tiles are not slip resistant. For steam shower floors, you should go for tiles that offer the best traction but still look beautiful.

2. Price

Price is another factor that you should consider when buying a tile for the steam shower area. Make sure that you ask the total cost along with installation charges. This will ensure that you stay within the budget. If the price is the prime concern, you should go with porcelain tiles as they are good and won't make a big dent in your wallet.

3. Natural Stone Bench

Consider harmonizing the experience of the steam shower by installing stone benches. Stone benches can improve the aesthetics and appeal of the shower area. Moreover, they will create a comfortable and elegant setting.

Make sure that you select the right stone for the stone bench. The type of stone you choose will be determined by your personal taste and budget. Two popular natural stones that you can select for the steam shower benches include marble and granite.

The above are the three most important considerations for a steam shower home renovation project. An important thing that you should remember is that you buy the tile from the right company. There are many companies that offer tiles. But not all of them offer quality products.

To ensure that you buy the best quality tiles, you should contact a reputable tile company. Serving since 2011, has been offering exceptional quality service all over the continental USA. Our years of excellent customer service has allowed us to become the preferred tile company. We are trusted by our customers for excellent products and services that meet high-quality standards.

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