How to Choose the Best Tile for the Bathroom?

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How to Choose the Best Tile for the Bathroom?

A lot of different factors determine which tile is the best for your bathroom. Installing the tiles is generally a costly investment that will have long-term consequences. So, you should think carefully before selecting a tile for your bathroom.

Generally, the size and design of the bathroom will dictate which tile is suitable for the bathroom floor, wall, and ceiling. The tiles should also be suitable for wet locations as well. Here are some tips that will further ease your decision of selecting bathroom tiles.

1. Pick One Show Stopper

In order to show off some personal style and personality, you should select one 'show-stopper' that will catch attention. It should be the highlight of the bathroom that should create a 'Wow' factor. You should limit to one show-stopper per bathroom.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to creating a show-stopper effect.

One idea is to install basic tiles for the majority of the area, and add then add a beautiful blue color tile at the top. Another idea is to add a focal point to the back wall of the shower area by keeping the colors of the rest of the bathroom neutral, and install a flashy color tile at the shower area back wall.

Other ways you can add a show-stopper effect in the bathroom include installing a glass tile or a flashy tile color and design to highlight an area.

2. Use Large Tiles for the Floor

Large tiles can make the rooms look bigger. They add an elegant style statement as well. In addition, if you plan to age in the present home, large tiles and one-way slope can allow safe passage to the shower area.

3. Select the Right Mosaic Tile

If you plan to install mosaic tiles, you should pick one that provides 95 percent contact from the tile to the backer board. Do not trust the glue for contact from the wall and the tile.

4. Avoid Installing Multiple Tiles

You should not install multiple tiles in the bathroom. If you really want to create a contrasting pattern, you should go with a different color or design of the same tile. Selecting different types of tiles for the bathroom flooring or walls can result in a mismatch.

The above is only a guideline for selecting the best tile for your bathroom. You should not be afraid to break the rules. Make use of your imagination as a guide during the home improvement project to select the best tile for the bathroom.

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