Clean and Protect Your Marble Tiles with These 4 Easy Tricks

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Looking for something intricate that will give your house a luxurious feel? Pick marble because that is one tile option you can’t go wrong with. Marble has various types with finishes, some of which include polished, honed, hydro, moon, leathered, acid washed, brushed and line. Marble is considered one of the most durable tile materials. However, when it comes to cleaning it, you need to put in a little extra effort for its maintenance.

If you want to keep your marble tiles in mint condition, then follow these cleaning tips:

Step #1

Dust Mop

First things first, you need to clear the tiles of any debris. You need to be careful while cleaning the tiles and make sure that you are not grinding the dirt or any food item into the marble. This is why use a dust mop with microfibers and sweep the floor gently. Make sure that the dust mopdoes not have any sharp edges that might scrape against the floor. Once all the debris has been removed, you can proceed to the next step.

Step #2

Using pH Neutral Cleaners

Both alkaline and acidic cleaning solutions can be hard on the marble, which is why you need to use pH neutral cleaning solutions. Cleaners containing lemon or vinegar are a big “NO”. The solution should always be used with water through a mop that is damp instead of wet. Once you have mopped the floor, wipe it with a cloth to absorb the moisture, as it prevents spots from forming.

Step #3

Cleaning Oil-Based Stains

Oil stains can be hard to clean from marble. The initial spill should be wiped immediately and then you should use a cleaner to remove the stain. These cleaners must have any one of the following ingredients:

Mineral Spirits

Step #4

Removing Paint

Removing paint from marble tiles requires great care. Blots of paint can be removed using some lacquer and a thin blade. Gently scratch the surface of paint and apply a thin coat of lacquer. As for thick paint blots, use a commercial paint striper and scrub gently with a microfiber cloth.

Tips To Prevent Stains from Forming on the Marble

Use cutting board when chopping vegetables on the countertop.
Don’t let cold or hot liquids sitting out on the surface.
Attach felt pads underneath appliance to prevent scratches.
Use welcome mats to prevent scratches from shoes.
Use glass canisters instead of metal ones to prevent rust.
Use coasters under candles and glasses.

Follow these four simple steps to prevent permanent stains from forming on your marble tiles. There’s a possibility that if you don’t take the floor’s maintenance seriously, you might end up paying more and quite early for the sealant application.

Since marble is a more porous material as compared to other tiles, you need to take great care while cleaning. Even though marble is expensive, its beauty and durability more than make up for the cost.

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