5 Great Fireplace Tile Design Ideas.

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5 Great Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

The fireplace is a symbol of comfort and coziness in a home. Moreover, it can also be a place where you can show your creative interior designing skills. There are a variety of options in selecting the color, design, and patterns to make the fireplace a focal point inside the living room.

Here are five fireplace tile design ideas that will give the perfect look without being heavy on your pockets.

1. Install Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a great choice to give a look of luxury to your fireplace. While they are mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom, they are also suitable for decorating the fireplace. These stunningly beautiful tiles can also provide a unique charm to the place. You can select from a large variety of styles and colors. They are a great option for people that want to give a modern, stylish look to the fireplace.

2. Use Pebble Tiles

If you would rather give a more natural look to the fireplace, you should consider installing pebble tiles with a natural wood mantle. This can give the feeling of natural freshness and calmness to the place.

3. Contrast with Shiny Black Tiles and White Mantel

For a lively fireplace design, consider giving contrast to the fireplace surround by selecting shiny black tiles with a white mantel. The complementary will make the fireplace seem to jump out and capture attention.

4. Use Simple Decorative Tiles

Simple is also sassier when it comes to selecting a fireplace tile design. You don't need to overspend to give your fireplace a more modern and elegant look. You can create a classy look by using simple decorative tiles having elegant patterns. Consider using the same floor tile pattern with a floor-to-ceiling tile surround. Also, you can use neutral tile colors to give a feeling of repetition.

5. Choose Ceramic Tiles

For a plain look, you can also go for ceramic tiles that are available in different colors. A plus point is that they maintain the brick warmth when heated. As a result, the room will seem warmer and more cozy during the winters.

When it comes to a home improvement project to improve the look and appeal of a living room, the fireplace is one place that you should not ignore. Make sure that you select a tile that perfectly matches the existing home decor. If you want more information about fireplace tile design ideas, you can contactWholeTiles.com. We have a wide variety of tiles including ceramic, glass tile, marble, onyx, and much more. You can select a tile for your home renovation project that perfectly matches your design and budget preferences.

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