4 Space Saving Home Improvement Design Ideas for Small Homes

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4 Space-Saving Home Improvement Design Ideas for Small Homes

A small house can present big home improvement challenges. You may think that since space is limited there may be limited options to spruce up space. But that's not necessarily the case. By reclaiming the real estate, you can have more option to design the place you want.

Here are four interesting space-saving home improvement ideas to make space look stylish and less cramped at the same time.

1. Staircase Storage

The area under the staircase is usually unused. Why not turn it into a mini storage room where you can keep items instead of having them lying around the house. You can have a custom-built drawer installed under the stairs where you can put all the pottery collection. This will give a clean and uncluttered look to the house.

Consider giving a modern look to your drawer under the stairs by using plywood for the main sections of the drawer. Also, you can attach golden color handles to spruce up the appearance of the drawers. However, executing this idea may require expert carpentry skills.

2. Glass Corner Shelves

Installing glass corner shelves is another way to make the small rooms feel less cluttered. The glass shelves are a great option for the modern design house. You can install the corner shelves in both bathroom and kitchen. Also, they are perfect for kids rooms and also home offices.

Adding glass corner shelves will not just save space, they can also add interesting accents to the room. They can give a contemporary, elegant look to the interior decor and create attractive living spaces.

3. Sofa cum Storage Tables

With a bit of ingenuity, and expert carpentry skills, sofa tables can be used to store stuff. Just like the stairs, the space below the sofa is usually left unused. You can store books and newspaper inside the newly created space. Also, it's a great place to store art stuff that the children can use for coloring etc. In case your existing sofa table does not have much space, you can always buy a bigger one — preferably on wheels — and put it beside the sofa.

4. Ottoman Tables

Ottoman tables can be bought from an upscale home furniture store. The tables can be a great place to store a different kind of items including books, DVDs, and different arts and crafts. You can place the tables in any room to make the room look bigger and less cluttered.

Do you want more information about glass corner shelves or other home renovation ideas? You can contact WholeTiles.com. We have a wide variety of tiles and glass storage shelves that you can use to spruce up the appearance of your home.

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