4 Creative Home Decor Ideas for Mosaic Tiles.

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4 Creative Home Decor Ideas for Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have been used since Roman and Greek times. They transport us back to the elegance of the ancient times when they adorned many different places. These tiles are available in different designs, colors, and finishes. You can give a special touch to your home when you install mosaic tiles.

If you are thinking about home renovation, the following creative home decor ideas for mosaic tiles will serve as a great inspiration.

1. Shower Area

The first place you should look at when installing mosaic tile is the shower area. You can play with mosaic tiles in many different ways. The tiles can add a natural feel to the area greatly adding to the bathing experience.

You cannot go wrong when you add mosaic tiles to the shower area. Consider bold green color if you want to feel like bathing in the midst of nature. Adding exotic plants can enhance the feeling. In case you like the view of the sky or the ocean, you can select blue mosaic tiles for the bathroom. Moreover, you can choose a yellow mosaic tile if you want to feel as if the sun is shining when you bath.

2. Kitchen Backsplash

To give the kitchen a modern flair, you should install mosaic tiles in the kitchen backsplash. You can play with different colors and patterns here. Even a simple patter can turn the kitchen from a dull place to preferred hangout in the home.

3. Walls and Floors

You can try different creative approaches for the walls and floors. Instead of covering the whole wall with the mosaic tiles, you should consider converting only an area around the hallway in an elaborate design. Another design idea is to have a floral pattern on the floor to create a field of flowers. Arranging fewer mosaic tiles in creative ways can make a better impression as compared to covering the entire wall or floor.

4. Bathroom

You should not skip the bathroom when installing mosaic tiles. You can use the tiles to decorate the bathroom in a way that it becomes a preferred haven at home for you relax. Consider using mosaic tile on the walls near the sink and bathtub. You can add flowers and candles to spruce up the appearance of the bathroom. You should select a bold yet soothing color like blue for the bathroom.

The above mosaic tile design ideas can help greatly improve the appearance of the home during a home improvement project. If you want more help in selecting the best tile for your home, you can contact WholeTiles.com. We provide a range of tiles in different color and designs at an affordable price.

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