3 Commons Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Mosaic Tiles In Your House

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3 Commons Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Mosaic Tiles In Your House

One of the best things about owning a house is that you can go completely crazy on its décor. The moment you buy your house, your mind is swirling with plans about the setting; which will be the master bedroom, which will be the guestroom and perhaps you may need a small entertainment room that will allow you to get your freak mode on. All’s right in the world, when your house is that much beautiful. The real pride comes when you are agog to see how your friends will react to the beauty you have created. After all, a house is a reflection of your true self.

Bringing Color in Your Life

The versatility of mosaics is the first thing that people notice when they take it under consideration. One of the best things about mosaics is that you have a lot of room to play. You can bring out your hidden artist and do whatever you like. They are ideal for floor and wall, and can also be used for awkward or curved wall shapes.

So, the question here is – Do you want more vibrancy and color on your walls and floor? Mosaics are not only available for interior decoration but can also be used on the driveway or in the background around your swimming pool. These are mostly in pebble form that gives a unique look.

The beauty of mosaic is that it provides a texture that gives a natural look without overpowering the surroundings. You can use a bright color for the bathroom that wakes you up in the morning and a light, nude color for the living room that soothes you… the possibilities are endless.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make the mosaic become the star of the house.

Mistakes to Avoid When Laying Down Mosaic Tiles

#1 – Trying to Cram More than Two Designs and an Assortment of Colors

There’s a trick to laying down tiles. The tile mason you have hired will guide you well in what will look best in your room. The problem with overcrowding your floor with too many designs and colors is that it will require more grout. This will make the room look smaller and the maintenance will become hard to keep up with. Since, grout discolors quite fast, the more grout there is in between the tiles, the more dirty you room will look.

#2 – Choosing the Wrong Grout Color

This is one of the most important things that you should discuss at length with your tile mason. The wrong grout color can ruin the effect of you tiles. Moreover, the process of re-grouting is extremely long and painful. Therefore, when you have decided on a mosaic color, you need to give equal importance to the grout color. If your mosaic’s color is more towards a dark shade, then the grout must be light colored so that the design stands out.

#3 – Spacing Unevenly

You might think that spacing in the mosaics will give the floor a unique look but you are wrong! All this will do is draw attention to the empty spaces that have too much grout. Again, this will be hard on your pocket because after some time, the floor will have an unsightly discoloration.

Flooring is not an easy DIY job. If you have even a kernel of doubt that you cannot do it on your own, then hire a professional tile mason. Mosaics are a bit expensive as compared to other tiling materials. It’s better to lay down the tiles correctly the first time rather than facing the cost of re-grouting.

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