At one time , the Phyrigians were without a king. An oracle at decreed that the next man to enter the city driving an ox-cart should become their king. A peasant farmer named Gordion arive into town on ox-cart. And he was declared King. Gordion ties the dedicated oxcart to the temple with cornel branches, turn to those around and say “Whoever untie this knot will become the ruler of whole Asia”. This rumor crosses the mountains and seas and reaches to the four winds. Thus, many people come to the town to try their chance. However, nobody succeeds to overcome this mysterious knot. A few years after, Alexander The Great who wants to be the ruler of the World, becomes aware of this legend in the town and attempted to untie the knot. When Alexander the Great’s few tries end up with failure, he acts impatiently and sliced the knot with his sword. While he is in a very successful growth term of his carrier, he suddenly get sick and die. People believe that he is damned because he sundered the knot instead of untying it.
We as AdaWall took our lesson from the story. Instead of behaving impatiently we preferred to work hard, put effort , spend time and do our best while creating the Gordion Collection.