Indigo refers to a color tone somewhere between blue and black. Moreover, it is said that indigo is one of the seven colors of rainbow. Its name comes from a paint which is obtained by nature and it had been used in old stages of some nations such as Asia and Rome to color cotton products.

Indigo is not a color which is ordinary. It resembles a light which exists in the depth of sea, also a sky with shining stars and a forest with serried trees. Therefore, indigo has a unique color depth and this feature makes it mystic and miracle. Addition to this, there is a term which is indigo children and it refers to children who have supernatural power some believe.

The fourth catalog signed by Adawall contains modern patterns, unique designs of geometric shapes, attractive poster models and at the same time tropical marble and such nature themes cause freshener effect. The wallpapers in this catalogue are very different from each other but they meet wonderfully in the common point considering their extraordinary aura. We associate this feature with the extraordinary talents of indigo childrens which make them special. To add more, as being one of the seven meaningful colors which completes rainbow, we wish that when this catalogue comes together with our other catalogues it will create a supplemental and irreplaceable effect and so perfectly located in the family of Adawall. Adawall