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When it comes to finding quality finishes to any flooring job, one of the most important add-ons can be a floor border. At BUSINESS, we can provide access to high-end border mosaic designs that look outstanding and authentic. This kind of accent tile can help to add a bit of extra personalization and character to the rest of the room, bringing it to life in a way that can normally feel very hard to do.


If you feel like you need some extra wall décor, too our border mosaic collection can make sure you have the tile design that you need. A floor border can be great for helping to finish off a specific look in a room and avoid that unfinished, pre-optimized look. This fine little solution gives you all the help that you might need to put things in the right place, completing the look that you intended.

  • Not only can this help to add a touch of personality to a room, it also creates a very abstract effect. This can look great, adding an extra layer of energy and charm to the room without going too far.
  • When used right, this kind of border mosaic can help to improve the value in a room. As a more high-class finish, it can add an extra layer of regality that was missing beforehand. Not only that, but it can make a classier finish that also doubles as a fine piece of wall décor.
  • The lifespan of an accent tile is much longer than other alternatives, too. Since it’s made with an extremely durable surface, it helps to give you an easy way to help make sure that the tiling not only looks great, but that it looks great for many more years to come.
  • This kind of finish will also require far less maintenance and work to be done on the flooring. It helps to withstand spillages and accidents that might otherwise damage different kinds of flooring. When used right, it can make a rather exceptional difference to how you feel about having to maintain the tiles; the job becomes so much easier.

Also, it’s a healthier option than other alternatives. By helping to maximize air quality, these finishes help to avoid volatile compounds as much as is possible. This helps to make sure that your home is healthier as well as looking the very best it can!